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kambo Practitioner florida, United states
​kambo ceremony

"Marci is the best Kambo practitioner! Not only does she hear and see the Kambo frog spirit, she has knowledge as a nurse and helps with true care and empathy. She helps you through every moment and you become stronger as your immune system is reset! Thank you!"

Gina Jake


"Marci is an amazing practioner. I had never tried kambo before but had tried other plant medicines in the past. She was very supportive and compassionate as I had my first experience. Thank you, Marci!"

Holly Bolesky

Plant City

"I just experienced my first kambo ceremony with the beautiful Juju 🙏 thank you for this powerful healing. I felt so safe and guided by her through the whole process. The balance of masculine and feminine energy she carries makes for a beautifully balanced ceremony. i highly recommend this medicine and her services. thank you Juju and thank you Kambo 💙🙏✨🌞🦅🐸"

Erica Toye

​South West Florida

"I so wish to thank Juju for providing Kambo in June 2020 at The WAY Home in Fort Pierce, FL.  My experience with this molecule was profound!  I have felt a strong shift in my desires toward certain food groups that I am better served by avoiding!  This has happened spontaneously, organically.  I am amazed...but not!  LOL..these molecules in nature exist FOR us!  After a lifetime of issues around food, I can honestly say, I feel as if, by pure grace, Kambo has set me free.  This molecule and practice will most definitely be a quarterly maintenance tool toward maintaining this sudden, most welcomed shift in behavior!  So much gratitude, Sister!


Stephanie Starr

Spirit Plant Facilitator

The WAY Home Intentional Community, Inc.


"Did my first Kambo session with Marci, she is a great practitioner and was very attentive, companionate, loving. Made my experience a good experience. I look forward to my 2nd session with her. Thank you Marci, thank you medicine! 💛✨💫🌈"

Nellie Rivera


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