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​What is Kambo?

kambo Practitioner florida, United states
​kambo ceremony

 "Marci is the best Kambo practitioner! Not only does she hear and see the Kambo frog spirit, she has knowledge as a nurse and helps with true care and empathy. She helps you through every moment and you become stronger as your immune system is reset! Thank you! "


The secretion taken from the Phyllomedusa bicolor, the giant monkey tree frog of the Amazon, is what is applied as "medicine".


This is deposited on a stick and left to dry. Before application it is reconstituted with saliva. The reconstituted secretion is then applied to "gates", burns made to the top layer of skin, where it will be absorbed into the body and begin it's work.

​This secretion has been used for generations by many different tribes in South America.

The medicine acts quickly. It will go where it is needed, working mostly with the liver, gall bladder and lymphatic system (see the "Science of Phyllomedusa bicolor" page for more specific information).


You will initially feel a heat flush, increased heart rate and increased respirations (sound like a nurse now right?). You may feel dizzy, light headed due to the drop in blood pressure. The purge usually kicks in within 10 minutes, sometimes sooner or later. 

​There are more details on what a session looks like on the next page.

What to expect
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