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​What to expect during a Kambo session

kambo Practitioner florida, United states
​kambo ceremony

"I just experienced my first kambo ceremony with the beautiful Juju 🙏 thank you for this powerful healing. I felt so safe and guided by her through the whole process. The balance of masculine and feminine energy she carries makes for a beautifully balanced ceremony. i highly recommend this medicine and her services. thank you Juju and thank you Kambo 💙🙏✨🌞🦅🐸"


We will go over your information such as health history, current issues/concerns and also your intentions and goals in partaking of this medicine.

Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing and bring an extra set just in case, accidents have been known to happen.

Remove any unnecessary jewelry.


Turn off and/or remove any unnecessary electronic devices.


It is best to clear the rest of your day following a Kambo session as you may feel depleted and need to rest. So please, plan accordingly.

Once I have set up the area where you will receive your medicine you will sit quietly for a bit in meditation/silence. I’ll instruct you to start drinking water (1.5 - 2 liters).


While you’re consuming the water I will inquire where you want your “gates” (these are small burns on the top layer of skin where the medicine is applied) and they will be administered.


Upon completion of the required water consumption you will be asked to provide a bit of saliva on the Kambo stick and I will gather the medicine and apply it to  the “gates”. Two gates is the usual number I start with but that also depends on you, we will discuss that before your session/ceremony.


The medicine acts quickly. You will initially feel a heat flush, increased heart rate and increased respirations (sound like a nurse now right?). You may feel dizzy, light headed and like you may pass out...that’s ok, I got you.


The purge usually kicks in within 10 minutes, sometimes sooner or later. (During your session I will instruct you at times to drink more water, please follow my direction.) 


No script here, just breathe. The aforementioned sensations will subside as will the purging. Lay down and relax. Breathe 

I will be right with you or very close by, should you need anything, just ask. I’m here to serve you.

What to expect
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