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​Who am I?

My background includes 25 years as a massage therapist, 10 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse and over a year volunteering at an Ayahuasca Church. I then went on to be part of the medical staff as well as helping facilitate ceremonies with plant medicine.

A little about my history as it relates to my Kambo practice. I was first introduced to plant medicines which led to me experiencing Kambo medicine. However, it was in one of my ceremonies with toad medicine I was told I would travel with the medicine. Upon receiving Kambo for the second time, I knew immediately I was to learn Kambo medicine. The wheels were set in motion for that to happen. And so it was...

In February 2020 I traveled to Peru to ask the frog's permission to use it’s medicine. The night we went out looking for the Phyllomedusa bicolor, we found 5, which is unusual given that it was winter in that region and the frogs are harder to locate. To myself and my fellow novice practitioners, permission was granted! We expressed extreme gratitude to the frog for this blessing, the gift of their medicine. For the rest of my time there I was instructed how to serve the medicine, safely and with gratitude.


And here we are. I am traveling with the Kambo medicine and very grateful to be able to do so.

​Serving Kambo and holding space for people choosing to experience the magic of this beautiful "medicine" is part of my life's mission. I am truly at my center when people trust me to serve and hold space for them. 

kambo Practitioner florida, United states
​kambo ceremony
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