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kambo Practitioner florida, United states
​kambo ceremony
  • Do your best to eat clean for a few days before Kambo

  • Drink some electrolytes/coconut water for 24-48 hours prior to your ceremony, starting out dehydrated makes the process less productive and harder on you

  • Make sure you tell me of any health issues, especially heart related and any medications you may be currently taking. There will be a form to fill out and sign

  • The morning of your ceremony no caffeine, no food and just normal amount of water/coconut water/electrolytes. You will be drinking 1.5 - 2.0 liters of water in the 15 minutes prior to medicine being applied.

  • Clear your calendar for the day of your session, you deserve to rest and recover. 

  • Bring some extra coconut water/electrolytes with you for replenishing 

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